Sunday, March 2, 2008

Grand Opening!

Yes, I am just about ready for the Grand Opening of Pat's Gift Gallery! I am so excited. I cannot believe that I am just about ready to reveal my first attempt at opening an online gift gallery featuring my Snugglies and hemp necklaces, bracelets and anklets. I got my camera yesterday. It is a real nice Kodak camera. Now I just have to take pictures and post them online. My husband has been writing all these designs down on paper and I have been trying to make them. I must admit he has more designs that I have had time to make.(lol) I bought some genuine hemp in 9 different colors plus a lot of pendants and beads and he is having so much fun figuring out what goes with what. I have offered to teach him how to make the hemp jewelry but he refuses to learn. He says he likes to design them but it is up to me to make them. I just finished my grandson a Snugglie with a pirate theme. It is black with with pirate skulls on it. It fits the top of his twin bed. Man, that was a job to finish. First big one I have every made.
Hopefully I will be up and online by Friday March 7th. I will keep you posted. Well, it is about time for me to get ready to go to work. Yeah, it is Sunday but when you work in a restaurant you work whenever. I am lucky that I get Saturday off.
Until next time.