Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good Morning

I know that I have been MIA for quite awhile but I have been so busy trying to to get my new online business up and ready to go that I haven't had the time to blog. Well, there went my good intentions to blog for 365 days. Yesterday I got a lot of my jewelry supplies in and it was like Christmas morning for me. Lots and lots of new gemstones, hemp and other supplies to make earrings. I also went to WalMart and got some material to make snugglies and wall hangings. I must tell you, WalMart is really getting bad on having any kind of fabric department. In our home town store they want to actually do away with the fabric and craft section. Guess we will have to drive about 15 miles to the next nearest WalMart if I need anything.

I know that this is not a very interesting post but I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here but very busy. Have a great day.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Due to this crazy Indiana weather, school was out for two days so I had a very active 5 year old grandson under foot. He only goes 1/2 days so I had to cram a lot into one day because I played hooky on Valentine's day. My husband and I went to Hobby Lobby and spent about an hour looking at beads and making creations up in our heads. They had a 50% off sale on beads so we took advantage of it. We then went to White Castle for our Valentine lunch. Not a very romantic place but we love them "sliders". Friday I was cramming a week of house work into one day plus I had to go to work that evening at 4 so I didn't even get a chance to get on the computer. Saturday my son took us out for supper and he tried to teach his nephew how to use chop sticks. That was a funny site. He finally gave up and used one to just stab his food. Then he tried to pick up a cube of jello with them and they kept flopping back into the bowl. We laughed until our sides hurt. Since we were around Hobby Lobby we went back and bought some more beads because we didn't know when they would offer the 50% off again. Now it is Sunday and I have to go into work at 6 pm. My next day off is Friday, which is my granddaughters 1st birthday. Hopefully this week my grandson will go to school every day so I can get some housework and computer work done. I have to make a snugglie sometime this week for my granddaughter. It has teddy bears on the front with a light purple flannel back. I am getting ready to make my grandson one that has skeleton pirate heads on it. He loves pirates. Hope everyone has had a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's Happening!

Got my list all ready to go and all I have to do is wait for our taxes to come back, which should be next week. My husband has been giving me design ideas which helps me out a lot. I just hope I have the time to get it all done.(lol) I am getting more and more excited each day. I bet I check the jewelry catalog at least once a day, and each time I do, I find more stuff that I want. I told my husband that he is going to have to hide those from me before I buy every thing in the catalog.(lol) Even my 5 year old grandson is looking thru the catlogs and showing me what he likes. When he gets older I am going to get him into making hemp necklaces with me. That would be nice. I sort of feel like a kid does at Christmas. The anticipation of opening that first gift.(lol)

Right now I am enjoying the peace and quiet. My grandson is taking a bath, which he loves. He can stay in there an hour at a time just playing with his toys, especially his boats and pirates. He pretends they are on the high seas. They are so precious at that age. What his mom and dad are missing out on...but that is their loss and our gain.

Until tomorrow.....

Monday, February 11, 2008

Gearing Up For Another Storm

Well, they are calling for another winter storm but hopefully this one will pass us by just like the last one did. According to the weather channel we may get snow followed by sleet and freezing rain. A general all around mess. Hopefully if we get this mess it will wait until I get home from work tonight. I want to just sit inside and watch it, not drive in it.

Been busy getting a supply list together for my new site. I am really getting excited and want to get started making designs. My husband cannot make the necklaces but he is giving me a lot of encouragement and design ideas. My fellow sisters at MUIB are also giving me suggestions as to what I should add to my site and I really appreciate all the ideas and suggestions. Now I just have to get all the supplies and find time to make it. Guess my computer play time will be limited.(lol) Hopefully it will be worth it. I know that it is going to take time to see a profit and that you have to spend money to make money. Will keep you updated on my progress.

Well, my grandson is ready to eat lunch, then I have to get ready to go to work. Another long day making sandwiches. At times I get so tired of looking at hamburgers and chicken I could scream. But I really like my job and most of the people that I work with. I usually work from 4 pm to midnight, when we close and I am not really fond of those hours but they work out for me right now. Hopefully when school starts next year I can find a day shift job, maybe working in the school system some where.

If it is cold where you are and you are slated to get some of this bad weather, try to stay warm and be safe on the roads if you go out.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Cold Sunday

Yesterday it was windy and in the 40's. Today I wake up, go outside to feed the dogs and the bottom has dropped out of the thermometer. It is in the teens and feels like 1 degree. BRRRRRRRRR. And we are getting ready for an icy mix to come in on Tuesday, maybe even some snow showers before. Why in the world can't it do all this when I am off work? (lol) I don't mind the snow but hate the ice. At least with snow you have some traction but with ice you are s**t out of luck. I hate to ice skate in a car.(lol) We live in out of town in a small subdivision that does not clean the roads and there are small hills and curves before I get to my road. Looking forward to that drive come Tuesday. Maybe I can look online and find some kind of dance that will chase that storm away and bring in spring.(lol)

Peace and quiet is shattered. My grandson was taking a bath and playing pirate in the tub and he wants out so I guess I will say until later....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Grocery Shopping With A 5 Year Old!

Today my husband, my 5 year old grandson and I went out to eat supper. On the way to the restaurant my grandson said that his tummy was growling and he needed to feed it. About every 5 minutes he was asking if we were almost there. I should have realized that was a clue as to how he was going to act at the store...very talkative and antsy. Well we got to the restaurant, he got himself some mashed potatoes and mac and cheese, nothing else. He ate half it and said he was full and wanted dessert. They even had cheese pizza but he didn't want it. After we left the restaurant we went to the grocery. In the first store he talked the whole time and wanted to know when we were going to WalMart because he wanted a toy. Got to WalMart and he was anxious for us to finish shopping so we could go to toys because he didn't want them to run out of toys. And this is from a kid who got a lot of nice things at Christmas. So we finally get to the toy section and he finds a pirate ship he wants. Into the basket it went. Then I had to get some material to make my granddaughter a snugglie for her first birthday. I got her teddy bear material for the front and purple flannel for the back. Now I just have to get it done before Feb 22nd.(lol) By this time Mr. Antsy was ready to go. He wanted to go home and play. He is now in the tub, very quiet, and playing with his pirate ship. Thank goodness for a few minutes of peace and quiet.

My dream is finally starting to happen

I was skeptical about ever seeing my dream of having an online website to sell my hemp necklaces and snugglies ever becoming a reality but I think it is really going to happen. I have started a web site at freewebs but it is still under construction, so to speak. Hopefully by the end of March I will be ready to have a grand opening. I use to sew and make hemp necklaces but it sort of fell by the way side a year ago so now I have to start over with buying supplies and making the items so I can take pictures and put them on my web site. I know that snugglies and hemp necklaces are not go to be enough so I am venturing out into the field of making earrings and sewn wall hangings. Just hope I am not biting off more than I can chew.(lol). Wish me luck.

When I get my website up and running you will be able to view all the jewels I am using and also my creations.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

You know, I am not even sure why I said happy Tuesday because it is a dreary rainy morning. I guess it is because I am happy to be alive and kicking...but not too high. I might fall and break a hip.(lol) I cannot believe it is the first week of February and we are having thunderstorms and warm temperatures. I even had my window down when I came home from work last night at 11 pm. I was under the impression that February was a winter month with cold and snow. But I am not complaining. I will take rain and warm temperatures over cold and snow any day. I guess Ms. Spring is teasing us and giving Mr. Winter a break. Probably get a hum dinger of a snow storm before Mr. Winter leaves.

I really need to get off the computer and get some laundry done and last night's dishes done but being on the computer so a lot more fun so I guess I will enjoy a second cup of coffee and play on the computer for a while longer.

Have a great day.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I was tagged by Marla at

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1. My goal for 2008 is to open an online store featuring my sewing and jewelry crafts.
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3. I chew my nails.
4. At one time I wanted to move to Gatlinburg, TN and live.

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